Change The World With Your Style


Our time is running out and we have to challenge the status quo to stop the climate crisis and we believe we can challenge it. We believe we can make a positive impact across the world. The way we challange the status quo is by making our products eco-friendly, ethically produced, beautifully designed and well suited. We have great Artworks drawn by talented artists that you can relate to and “for each item you purchase we plant ten trees”.

As climate activists we know how urgent the situation is and therefore we want to change the fashion industry. Wanna be a part of the change?

Our mission is to make people aware of climate change and its negative effects on our climate. We want to inspire our generation to make a change and secure the future for the next generation. Our goal is to plant as many trees as possible so the Earth can recover itself from wildfires and deforestation and provide people all over the world with affordable, ethically produced, eco-friendly and most sustainable products the market could ever offer.


The Team

Wanna be part of the change?

We haven't launched our products yet but we will launch them soon. Currently we are working on designing our first collection. After the designing process is finished we will setup an online shop. Until then you can subscribe to our newsletter to notify you once our first collection is launched and the online shop is up and running. If you like the idea and want to do something for the environment then please support us by sharing our projekt with your friends and family.

Get Free Stickers

As our products are not ready yet we are offering free stickers. Want some? Amazing! Then order some below!

Just fill the form and we will send you few stickers. Bear in mind though once you submit the form you're automatically subscribing to our newsletter that means when we launch our collections we will notify you.